the mission

In Transit is a website about change and temporarily capturing those changes; changes caused by this site, changes you have caused or changes I have made.

This medium, internet, always has been the champion of continuous change and this site wants to celebrates that.

This actually means that at any given moment there are dozens of websites out there in the anarchistic chaos of the world wide web which are truly interesting; which aren’t just beautiful but which inspire, surprise, encourage you to think, make you happy and angry.

It’s just: how do you find them? Well… go to Them, click on random website & you’ll be redirected into the middle of a place I hope will stimulate you.


some notes

1) With a few exceptions I’ll always throw you into the thick of a website to get you to the good stuff quickly and because I presume you are smart enough to find your way around. (So an exception could be if they have lousy navigation.)

2) Recommending a website is very similar to recommending a book. Just because it has won the Nobel Prize for Literature, doesn’t mean you are going to like it (actually, it often means I won’t read it). So, if you didn’t like one website, maybe you’ll like the next.

3) I'm going to coninue adding links to In Transit as I find them. Help me! Do you know a website that’ll fit right in here? LET ME KNOW! I’ll check it out and if I agree with you, I’ll create a page for it and add your name to the site.

4) The more people who visit, the better this site will work. If you have a website, I would very much appreciate a link to

The guestbook is very important as well & will be written by you. Hopefully, it'll hold little snippets of your life as random as the websites you'll visit & as personal as my choices. Don't be shy and answer as many of the questions as you like in a way you're comfortable with.

I love to receive feedback too! Please let me know what you think. Good ideas are always welcome.



I love you, so I'm not tracking you. I host all resources used for this website myself. Some of the websites I link to though, will track you. I do not screen for tracking, just so you're aware.


colophon & credit

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